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Training facilitators

Dr. Achim Goeres + Dr. Tanja Hetzer
both come from the professional experience of university teaching and research. Tanja is a graduated processworker and doctorate in modern history. Her background in historical research on the history of National Socialism and the Holocaust led her to processwork, to understand the psychological dimension of human nature and to work with the people themselves, instead of doing research about them. Achim, process facilitator, holding a doctorate in astrophysics and musician. His approach to process work developed from the experience of the difficulties of interdisciplinarity, interculturality and the limits of self-perception in science.

The two are working together since 2004 on a regular basis, in 2008 they founded the Hanuman Institute Berlin and developed their training concept in a joint practice. The first training was launched in 2010.
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Support team

The Head of Training Hanuman Institute is supported by Marianne Verny and Urs Büttikofer that complement the training program for the participants through live supervision, individual supervision and therapeutic support in Berlin. Both offer their practice activity 4-5 times a year for about a week in Berlin and also work via phone and Skype.

Marianne Verny, med.pract. (Doctor, psychotherapist and training analyst) has been working since the mid-1980s in private practice in Zurich. She helped to establish the Institute for process work in Slovakia and taught there and at the Institute for Process Work (IPA ) in Zurich. For about 20 years, she is also active in Berlin and Slovakia as a therapist, supervisor and lecturer.

Urs Büttikofer (pair & single therapist and supervisor), co-developed the process oriented psychology in the 70s and 80s, with its founder Arnold Mindell. From 1982 to 2001 he was one of the central conductor of the Research Society for Process Work. His first seminar in Berlin, he had in 1990 and the city has remained as a process worker since faithful. He leads a practice as a therapist and supervisor in Winterthur, Bern and Berlin. Urs is now regarded as one of the esteemed Senior Teacher of the process work.


Tanja Hetzer
Achim Goeres
Marianne Verny
Urs Buettikofer