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Training course

By popular request of our seminar participants, beginning in September 2010 has started a training course for facilitation and coaching based on Processwork. Our training is focusing on application of Processwork in professional and organizational context. Meanwhile, 24 participants are in the third and final year of their training. Applications for the next training cycle are already on their way!

In-service training:
N-Process® facilitation and process oriented coaching
3 years - 21 modules - 63 seminar days
Beginning Sept. 2014 or 2015
Language: German

Target group: self-employees or managing employees, who want to lead competent with process orientation, moderate, facilitate or who want to work as a coach or counsellor. Requirement: university degree or completed vocational training or years of professional experience. Participation at least at one of the orientation seminars or corresponding earlier seminar experience in process work must be shown for registration.

Goal of education:
learning process oriented coaching and facilitation for the use as a coach, process facilitator, facilitator or manager in various professional contexts. Develop the ability to recognize their own processes, edit and maintain them. Development of meta-abilities to create the space for the processes of others. In the 3rd year licensing as "N-Process® moderator and process oriented coach."

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