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Achim Goeres initiated the ‘Interdisciplinary Communication’ project as a credit-bearing course at the TU Berlin in the academic year 1996/97 for students from all disciplines. The core idea of the course was to provide students with effective means to enquire into their own forms of communication, taking responsibility for themselves, and by attending to the actual process. This proved to be a model of success. The course is frequently oversubscribed and has not only become an insiders’ tip for effectively developing one’s social competencies but has also turned into a stage for generating a range of new course formats.

In our university courses the students as independent persons – each with their own, often still dormant, potential and their own vision – take centre stage. We provide an awareness training that in the medium term allows a multi-faceted becoming aware of one’s own patterns of communication and interaction. Models originating within process oriented psychology facilitate a structuring of differentiated perception and the ability to shape one’s own actions more consciously.

In our courses, different students typically follow completely different learning paths during the same course and in parallel to each other, so that in the end different knowledge and insights have been gained. Students’ learning occurs in a mix of similar proportions of cognitive conceptual knowledge, practical knowledge, and a primary knowledge based on stance and intuition.

The most recent addition to our course offering is on ‘Inner Competencies’ at the World Peace Academy Basel, under the auspice of Swisspeace. The course forms the core of an MA in Advanced Studies in Peace and Conflict Transformation at the University of Basel for international students.


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