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Dr. Tanja Hetzer

Coach – Supervisor – Historian

Born in Zurich and having grown up beside the beautiful Lake Zurich, Tanja studied History, Economic and Social History, as well as German linguistics and literature at the Universities of Zurich, Bielefeld, and Sussex. As an academic researcher she worked at the ‘Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland – Second World War (ICE)’ in Berne between 1997-99 and developed a study on anti-Semitism in Swiss refugee policies. As research assistant to Prof Dr Saul Friedländer in Munich between 1999-2002, she worked on the ‘Independent Historical Commission for Researching the History of the Bertelsmann Publishing House during the Third Reich’. For her doctoral research at the University of Sussex, she was appointed as a research associate by the Leo Baeck Institute and the Wiener Library in London. She lives with her partner Achim Goeres in Berlin.

Her desire to bring together historical studies and psychology led her, in 2003, to Processwork based on the work of Arnold and Amy Mindell. In 2011 she finished her training in process oriented psychology at the Institute for Process Work in Zurich.

Jointly with Achim, her current teaching at a range of universities and colleges focuses primarily on intercultural and interdisciplinary workshops in conflict training, teamwork, and the art of leadership. Together they facilitate group processes, supervise teams and organisational projects, and coach people in management positions. Their collaboration further specialises in relationship coaching.

Based on her academic qualifications and professional experience as a historian in international research projects, Tanja develops and leads historical and process oriented workshops on family history for second and third generation descendents of National Socialism and the Holocaust. In these workshops she supports people to work on the transgenerational effects of that time.

Since 2011 Achim and Tanja have co-operated with different projects in Warsaw and Poznan (Poland). In this co-operation they value the possibility to grow in the engagement with the difficult legacy of Polish-German relations; to discover new potentials with their Polish colleagues and to form new friendships in the neighbouring countries.


As well as different papers, presentations and panel contributions on anti-Semitism research and the literature
of remembrance of the Shoah, NS history, Jewish history, Swiss and German history of the 20th century as well at of Women’s history, and contributions to Kindlers Neues Literatur Lexikon.


Contributions to historical and psychological concerns in documentary films:

„Klangzauber im Engadin"
500 Jahre San Andrea in la Punt Chamues-ch.
Multimedia organ recital and portrait of the church
ed. by Achim Goeres & Tanja Hetzer
in English, German, French, Italian and Romansh.

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Dr. Tanja Hetzer

Dr. Tanja Hetzer