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 You will find the treasure behind the dragon

We facilitate and supervise you in your work context and offer different formats for individuals, teams, and groups. We work in academic, pedagogic, therapeutic, interdisciplinary, and intercultural contexts, such as:
  • social enterprises (sustainable and common good oriented entrepreneurship)
  • non-profit organisations (such as environmental projects)
  • institutions with flat hierarchies, such as associations and housing projects
  • therapeutic teams in social hotspots
  • intercultural work with educational institutions in the international development sector
  • Science and Humanities-based research projects
  • creative and artistic projects
  • engaging with history, consultation and review in the context of German-Jewish history, National Socialism, Holocaust
You can book individual sessions or workshops for teams and groups.
Processwork assumes that it is in disturbances and conflicts that we will find initially incomprehensible but meaningful and precious information. In supervision we practice with you the awareness of these deeper interconnections and recover resources; provide tools and scope for interventions to deal creatively with difficult situations.