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‘Achim Goeres and Tanja Hetzer impress me in their ability to follow processes on many levels. They have a deep insight of process oriented psychology and join scientific rigour with creativity like hardly any other team. Their most important aspect is, however, their deep humanity and interest in genuine and authentic relationships.’
Max Schupbach, Ph.D. Processwork Institute Portland, Deep Democracy Institute, USA

‘The Berliner Zentrum für Hochschullehre values highly the co-operation with Dr. Tanja Hetzer and Dr. Achim Goeres. With their innovative ideas and creative workshops they have always enriched the programme of the centre considerably. We receive extremely positive feedback from the participants of their workshops and their team building sessions.
Dr. Sabine Brendel, Director of the Berliner Zentrum für Hochschullehre (BZHL), Berlin

‘The activities were very well chosen and allowed us to gain an overview of the KUSTOS team members’ resources. The team set new goals and generated many ideas. (…) By reflecting on the structure of KUSTOS, the team members were able to comprehend the complex structure of the project and to find solutions to improving communication and co-operation within these structures. The team building workshop contributed significantly to the KUSTOS team members now ‘knowing’ each other and themselves. The atmosphere of the training was very positive and provided a strong team spirit. We thank your for your competent performance as well as for so comprehensively attending to the group’s needs.’
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Henze, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Education, Humboldt University Berlin.

"My sincere gratitude for all your kindness and wisdom sharing with us such important tools for the present moment as well as for the road ahead on our humble effort to contribute to peace."
Luís, born 1977, criminal attorney, from Brazil

"I wish to seize this opportunity to express my personal satisfaction with your lectues. ... The lessons learnt will ever be remembered because of your unique approach. I also cherish very much your input, and wish we could have spent more time with you. … Both of you have opened my eyes to so many realities in peace work ... . You have made me feel the importance of my inner self and I can now be able to handle many difficult conflict situations. I very much love your input on rank and privileges, meditation and the subject of empathy. I was particularly touched by and I will ever remember your expose on emotional empathy and cognitive empathy. I wish other people will have the same opportunity I had with you and experience what we have experienced. Please remain who you are in whatever situation you may find yourselves, because you have much to offer to the world. I pray that opportunities will be opened for you to impact more people around the world. I will recommend strongly your course to everyone that really wants to work as a peace professional."

Habila Istifanus, born 1960, graduate of Swiss Center of Peace Studies

‘The creative workshop with international future leaders in our company impressively demonstrated how one’s own inner barriers block change and true development. Achim Goeres opened up unexpected paths to uncover the causes of existing blocks in teams and projects and to make visible the resources hidden therein. With gentle process facilitation and his guidance for a conscious and caring interaction with each other, he created the preconditions for being able to sustain a high level of creative performance. His methods from process oriented psychology impressed the participants and always made them curious for more. As a former astrophysicist he is well-placed to motivate technicians and engineers to constructively face the challenges of ways and approaches that for them are new and unusual.’
Norbert Haberkorn, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Infineon Technologies AG, Munich.

‘I remember fondly the STUBE weekend workshop of 16-18 January 2009 with Achim Goeres; a competent and empathic facilitator and a demanding topic: from ‘global conflict management’ towards an engagement with conflicts at the personal level. This enabled the participants to talk about and work with often suppressed experiences of discrimination. The expectations of the participating international students and also from my side were vastly surpassed. Many thanks to Achim Goeres for his dedication. I look forward to further opportunities of working together! ’
Kathleen Schneider-Murandu, lead officer, The Development Education Programme for students of Asia, Africa and Latin America of the Diakonie und der Evangelischen Studierendengemeinde ESG

‘Staff of the Communal Housing for Women BORA work with women who are traumatised by long term domestic violence, often also involving early childhood and sexualised domestic violence. These women bring a range of psychiatric disorders as part of their coping with symptoms. This work is very challenging, requires a high degree of professional expertise, and always leads us to our own limits. Conflicts, dissociative phenomena, and crises constitute the everyday in our work. For these reasons regular team and case supervisions are important for us to remain able to do our work and keep focused on the resources. Tanja Hetzer and Achim Goeres support us very well in their engagement, their expertise in trauma work and their ability to explore processes at different levels, and enable a change in perspective. We leave each supervision strengthened and with new incentives for our therapeutic work. We are very glad to be facilitated so well by Tanja Hetzer and Achim Goeres and thank them wholeheartedly.’
Margot Hübner-Umbach for all the staff at the Communal Housing for Women Bora e.V.,