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Our long term experience in process oriented work at the TU Berlin means for us that working with highly qualified people, researchers, professors as well as with students has become a valued centre-piece of our work.

Our engagement with a number of universities (e.g., TU, Humboldt University, Free University Berlin, University Bochum, Basel, …) allows us to make a relevant contribution to society’s obligation towards future generations. We are again and again impressed and filled with joy by the openness and the outstanding potential for development of the young people in our academic courses. We consider ourselves to build bridges between those who teach and those who learn.

The content and methods of our courses aim to provide a holistic insight into communication processes for academics, including decision-making, conflict and the unintended communication aspects of these, as well as process oriented leadership skills. In all of this we are less interested in merely transmitting information but in facilitating sustainable self-directed learning.

This approach comes with a host of enjoyable side effects:

  • The responsibility for one’s self is supported in a sustainable manner

  • Study, teaching, and research become more efficient while friction loss and psychological wear-out are reduced

  • Unknown barriers in qualification processes are recognised more easily and can be avoided

  • Decisions over one’s career and life can be made more consciously; preventing late and unnecessary university drop out or career slumps

  • With an increased social competence this work integrates minorities, students from different cultures as well as socially disadvantaged contexts. It thus reduces the socially induced inequality of university success.


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Hanuman Anbegote