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In our work, ‘methods’ mean more than a simple collection of tools and knowledge that teach how to best intervene in communication processes. Rather, our own stance towards and the spirit in which we conduct our work constitutes the methodological core; trusting completely in how any process dynamic is meaningful in its own right and in the unconditional respect for each person’s lifeworld. From such a position, the concepts and convictions of all involved, including our own, have to face the realities of one’s own experiences and those of others – in immediate and subjective ways. We can experience this approach in the context of a ‘deep democracy’ that, in our work, underpins the dynamics of groups as well as the organising framework of our inner worlds.

We have selected particular methods, according to their suitability for the principles laid out above, for our work at Hanuman. They originate, in the main, from the field of process oriented psychology, following Arnold Mindell; improvisation theatre in the form of Keith Johnstone’s respectful work; epistemological reflections of theoretical physics; and a psychologically responsible development of contemporary historical and biographical interviews.