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Facilitation - Trainings - Ingenieer - Manager

Kristina has a German-Russian background. She spent her childhood in South Ural and her youth in Rhineland Palatinate. After school, she went to Berlin to study Environmental Engineering, to work and live there.

Already in her childhood, she had a big interest in interpersonal relationships and the living together of people and was wondering what it needs to make co-living as pleasant as possible.  While studying, she was a group leader and trainer for group and seminar leaders in a volunteer organization for several years. She got in touch with Processwork for the first time in 2003 when she visited the course "Interdisciplinary Communication" at the Technical University Berlin. Since then she did not let go of Processwork and in 2014 she completed the training N-Process-Facilitation and Process Oriented Coaching at the Hanuman Institute in Berlin. After working for many years in the international solar industry she now works as quality manager in Berlin. Furthermore, she is active as a process oriented facilitator and coach.

In her spare time she likes to make and to listen to music, and likes being on the road, preferably using her feet.



Kristina Loge