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Interdisciplinary Communication

Early and meaningful applications are often successful – we are frequently oversubscribed and have to turn down many applications.

Interdisciplinary Communication

An in-depth training in communicative processes, taking place over three weekends and four evening sessions. Certified with 8 ETCS upon oral examination. Applications directly to us. Please send us your CV and a statement of purpose by email.

Closing date for applications is 16 April/21 October, admission is announced on 18 April/25 October

The courses take place in Semester 1 (in english) and Semester 2 (in german) of the academic year. Please ask for exact dates or consult our diary for current events.

Introduction: One day during the week 6-9pm (mandatory)
Weekend workshops: 2 days from 10am-6pm at 3 weekends

At least one of three integration sessions is mandatory (3 hours each)
Venue: PTZ 407, Pascalstrasse 8, 10587 Berlin-Tiergarten

Introduction: Wed. 2.Nov 2016, 18:00 c.t. -21:00
WE 1: 19.+ 20. Nov 2016 10-18 Uhr
WE 2: 10.+ 11. Dez 2016 10-18 Uhr
WE 3: 14.+ 15. Jan 2017 10-18 Uhr
Evening sessions: Tue 6. Dec, Thu 15. Dec, Wed 25. Jan, 18:30-21:30,

The exams are required to obtain a graded report of attendance. The verbal consultations are conducted in pairs. Duration of 90 minutes. Exam may be in German if you prefer.
Dates for the exams will be announced during the course
Exam location: Hanuman Institute, Schloßstr. 32, 14059 Berlin-Charlottenburg, Tel. 030 3983 4949

Would you like to:

  • feel enriched by discussions more frequently?

  • be able to move a conflict that is stuck?

  • be understood better?

  • receive and feel more appreciation?

  • experience greater creative freedom in communication?

  • suffer less from power and hierarchies?

  • experience more humanity in the academy?

  • have a greater awareness in communication at your disposal?

  • discover and shape your style of leadership?

Our workshop has an experiential focus and provides you with the opportunity to work efficiently at developing your communication style to achieve these goals. Actual experience, analysis, and trying out new freedom in interaction combine in order to discover such hidden resources. Together, we create a completely new level of perception and the starting points for sustainable self-directed learning.

Target audience: students of all faculties and cultures who are interested in the adventure of communication and bring a willingness to confront themselves.

Course teachers: Dr. Achim Goeres and Dr. Tanja Hetzer

Interns: two former course participants


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