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Most known methods of management consulting have the character of a repair workshop; called upon only once a breakdown has already occurred, or if a technical test, complete with MOT-certified alterations, awaits. Consulting is here, as a best-case scenario, considered to avert a problem, allowing the vehicle ‘company’ to be kept on the pre-planned track.

This path proved its effectiveness under an economy of assumed equilibrium and with a manageable amount of regulatory mechanisms. Since the 1990s we are, however, increasingly witnessing drastically changing circumstances: globalisation, multi-polarity and a breath-taking acceleration of markets have turned the gentle steamer of the post-war economic miracle into a white-water adventure.

The events’ complexity disrupts any linear analysis; the markets are escaping from their regulatory frameworks and people are losing the emotional contact to their work – with disastrous consequences for efficiency and quality. Such dis-equilibrium requires very different attitudes and answers when working with businesses.

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Hanuman Anbegote