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Amy and Arnold Mindell, our teachers in Processwork, invited us to an activity during a seminar in Zurich in 2005 to discover an ally for our joint work. Each of us was working on our own during the activity before presenting our findings to each other. To our surprise we both discovered, independently from each other, the divine ape figure – to whom we hadn’t paid any conscious attention in our lives up to that point.

We chose to name our institute after Hanuman. In Indian mythology he is a divine ape-like human, son of Vayu, Lord of the winds. The Ramayana narrates his story. He symbolises courage, strength and devotion, and is a legendary builder of bridges. Hanuman is known for his extraordinary ability to inspire people so that they are able to face life’s challenges. With his special gifts he supports them to pass these ordeals. Hanuman teaches us to (re)discover the infinite strength that resides within us and connect with it.

The word ‘human’ is also hidden within ‘H(an)uman’. It touches the core of our philosophy: with Processwork we want to convey a holistic image of humanity. It isn’t a method or goal that guides us in our work but a spirited stance that all that a person needs and what they long for, are already part of them. We create with you the space for you to discover your own resources and to be able to make use of them. Hanuman supports our work – in being process oriented, essential, and with a sense of humour!


Hanuman Gruender im Baum