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Goal or Process oriented?

Are goal orientation and process orientation irreconcilable opposites?

The founding principles of Processwork demand from us a clear decision as to which criterion possesses the highest priority for one’s actions. Such a decision is always finely attuned to the ‘intention’ of the process itself, to the tendency towards self-organisation of authentic processes. If external, meaning here rationally determined, goals exist, these have to concede to the process itself once a conflict arises.

Imagine that you are onboard a small private jet en route to New York. You fully intend to arrive on time for a business meeting. All your actions are designed to serve this goal. Now you discover that a hurricane is approaching; the plane cannot avoid it by merely changing to a higher altitude. Neither do you have enough fuel to generously circumnavigate it. Which ‘metaskill’ do you suggest to the pilot? To fly through the storm under any circumstances while keeping your eyes firmly on the goal? To apply positive affirmation and overcome the turbulence with mental fortitude? To create a storm free corridor, in the constructivist conviction that an independent world doesn’t exist? Or simply following the principle that safety – the absolute desire to live – is the highest criterion for any decision in the cockpit, even if this means that you will miss your business meeting?

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