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Goal or Process Oriented?

Behind every interest in Processwork (or any other form of guidance) of course stands a goal, at least in the form of desires or fears. It is a type of common projection for the engine that pushes on development and process and enables change. On the other hand, every goal necessarily implies turning away from the ‘not-goal’ and this presents a judgement as well as a renouncement of usually unknown (because they are undesired) resources. Or, put more simply: every goal is also a constraint. For the client this is perfectly alright, it is ‘their process’. For the process facilitation it is, however, of fundamental significance to be aware of this double effect of any goal and to remain open for new directions and resources throughout the entire process. The goal, like any other signal, is perceived, valued, and unfolded. If we did otherwise, we would run the risk, by attending to the value judgement inherent in the goal, to suffocate the seeds of those processes that possibly lie in the transformation beyond the goals.

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