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Continuous Professional Development

Academic and management staff at universities, be they tutors, researchers, team leaders or professors, today need one thing above all, in addition to their professional expertise; the ability to co-ordinate complex processes. Whether a lecture, a team meeting, a progress review, PhD supervision, during exams or project planning, in international research projects or in higher education policy; each and every time you need to continually negotiate matters, which sometimes contain contradictions, be they in substance or in social and relational terms.

Our workshops, as part of the professional development offered at universities, focus on a systemic and process oriented perspective on these concerns. For our participants, we provide training in awareness to recognise signals of change and an invitation for sustainable self-directed learning. Unfolding one’s personal potential for development forms the centre of this work.

The main focus of our current offer for university staff lies on:

  • team development and facilitation

  • process oriented conflict resolution

  • leadership skills

  • diversity training

  • creative development

  • developing one’s own potential and career choices

You can find our current workshops in the professional development courses of the following networks:

  • BZHL
    (Berliner Zentrum für Hochschullehre)
    A network of all 13 public universities of Berlin, located at the TU Berlin. Accessible to all teaching staff of those universities.

  • ifb of the Ruhr University Bochum
    (Interne Fortbildung und Beratung)
    Part of the professional development centre of the RUB are the three universities of Dortmund, Duisburg, and Essen. Accessible to all staff of these universities.


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