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Training concept

We have designed the training at the Hanuman Institute consistently from the inside out. In each of the three years in 7 modules you will cycle through the important topics of human life: identity, the inner world of perception, rank issues, aspects of personality, relationships, process dynamics and conflicts as well as vision and integration.

Each year we focus on a different level: First, the self-knowledge, then on personal growth and transformation, in the third on a good foundation is the application to the outside is laid. Professionalization as a coach and facilitator means for us, to learn to use to oneself and thus develop the competence and the inner strength to be able to hold and shape hot situations in the outside and with others.

This results in a 3-level structure :

Year 1: Look in the Mirror
How we experience ourselves in relationship, in community and in ourselves?
Recognize yourselves, fundamentals and concepts of Process Work.

Year 2: In the Flow: Making the Own Process

By understanding the N-Process ® we learn how to shape and hold transformation processes in personal and professional life. Training the range of condition-based work up to immersion in the process.

Year 3: The Container : Give Room for Processes

We learn different formats of the process-oriented work in individual coaching, in relationship and conflict management as well as in groups know and practice the practical application. Training in meta-skills, supervision and casework.

The development of experience-based concepts and theories of process work as we picked them up from the work of Arnold Mindell and in our practice, draws through all three years. Especially our constant contact with an academic work environment shaped our curriculum and methodology. This theoretical building is taught by us in reflection of the current self-awareness module by module and placed in a script of over 200 pages.

The self-discovery takes place mainly in the group through personal inner work, in pairs and in small groups. In the seminar, we also use the format of the "Open Seat": One of the teachers works with a participant in front of the group. One focus of our training is the promotion of self-care and the individual inner balance. Both are seen as an important prerequisite to be able to live the profession as a coach, manager or facilitator sustainably fulfilling and enriching. Therefore, by your training contract, you are obligated to take 10 individual lessons in each year of training, to give space to your personal process as well as to learn Processwork in an individual setting.


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