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We understand coaching to be an activity located between consultation and therapeutic guidance. We meet each other at eye level; the basis for mutually taking responsibility for your self. Our role as coach primarily lies in reflecting back to you, from our detached position, those signals that you don’t easily perceive. At the same time we create a container in which we act as your guide to navigate safely unknown waters with hidden shallows.

Process oriented coaching means that we follow those signals that we perceive as a current tendency of your greater, holistic process. This self-organised development always proves to be more knowing and wise than our ideas or your intentions or visions.

Process oriented coaching thus also contains the courage to confront oneself and to question old thought patterns and motivations that often lead to difficulties.

With such a foundation, the range of our coaching stretches from actual expert guidance (in the course of pursuing academic qualifications and related projects) in the sciences and humanities as well as process oriented positions, to inspiring and reflexive discussions, and to more in-depth work with body signals and dream processes. The range and the depth of your process lies in your hands.



Hanuman Anbegote