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We offer workshops on a wide range of topics. Please consult our Event Diary for upcoming events.

The content of the workshops is flexible; that is, process oriented! This means that we address the individual needs and questions of the participants in that particular workshop. This also means, however, that each workshop unfolds differently. Neither do our workshops repeat mechanically nor are they based on particular handouts, as the treasures we are about to discover always also depend on the participants present.

If you don’t find a topic that particularly interests you in our list, and it could well fit into our general area of interest, talk to us. If you can find enough interest among others for the topic, we may be able to take it up in our current offer.

We also provide workshops on demand; if at least eight people contact us for one topic, we will set a new date. So, please contact us.

Our workshop topics:

  • Process oriented constellations

  • Conflict resolution

  • Navigating your career

  • Being a woman and femininity

  • Working with your family history

  • Creativity

  • Presentation

  • Rank and privileges in communication

  • Sexuality

  • Physics as dream door to your self



Hanuman Anbegote

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